Complete List of Earth Building Projects


In over 31 years working in the Earth Building industry Peter Hickson of Earth Building Solutions has been in many projects starting with his work with self builders, as a building contractor designing and contracting to build various residential, commercial and educational buildings.  Learning himself through research, observation, learning from others and practice and then training others has always been part of his work with earth.  Most of his projects are listed below and some of his projects are featured with description and photos under each sub heading.


Sub contracting to owner builders

Own mudbrick barn home, St Georges Basin, NSW 

Engel mudbrick home, Tomerong, NSW

Lim mudbrick home, Tomerong, NSW

Fletcher/Langon mudbrick home, Budgong, NSW

Killpatrick mudbrick home, Tomerong, NSW

Pudney mudbrick home, St Georges Basin, NSW

Own mudbrick home St Georges Basin, NSW

Fryer mudbrick home, Falls creek, NSW

Tuff mudbrick home, Basin View, NSW

Jirgens mudbrick home, Bamarang, NSW

Chance mudbrick home, Basin View, NSW

Passfield mudbrick home, Basin View, NSW

Ingrey mudbrick barn, St Georges Basin, NSW

Lawrence mudbrick home, Nth Nowra, NSW

Bamarang Bush cabins mudbrick manager's residence, Bamarang, NSW

Fletcher/Langon mudbrick workshop/carport/storeroom/renewable energy system building, Budgong, NSW

Stone mudbrick home, Mongarlowe, NSW


Contract building - homes

Bundey/Mitchell mudbrick home Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Langford mudbrick home, Cambewarra, NSW

Waite mudbrick home, Broughton Village, NSW

Robson mudbrick studio/workshop/garage. Wollamia, NSW

Pudney alterations. St. Georges Basin, NSW

Neale mudbrick home. St Georges Basin, NSW

Dooley/Keevers mudbrick home, Woodhill Mtn, NSW

Verdugo music mudbrick studio, Huskisson, NSW

Takacs mudbrick home, Manyana, NSW    

Way/Roberts. Repairs and completion mudbrick home. Coolangatta, NSW

Waite mudbrick extention, Broughton Village, NSW

Wheeldon mudbrick addition and completion, North Nowra, NSW 

Stevenson mudbrick and cob home. St Georges Basin, NSW

Casey mudbrick Garage/Loft,  Callala Bay, NSW

Friend/Bergsma mudbrick home, West Cambewarra, NSW

Fletcher mudbrick additions, Budgong, NSW

Casey mudbrick Studio, Calalla, NSW

Bakas Booker mudbrick home, Mongalowe, NSW  

Bathroom addition, Mudbrick cabin, The Springs, Swan Haven, NSW

Casey mudbrick home, Calalla, NSW  


Contract building - commercial projects

St Vincent De Paul City Farm, mudbrick Caretakers Cottage. Bamarang, NSW

Galeria Aneila Gallery, mudbrick residence and guest accommodation. Kangaroo Valley, NSW

St John The Evangelist High mudbrick School Chapel. Nowra, NSW

St Vincent De Paul City Farm, Ten bedroom mudbrick Hostel complex, Bamarang, NSW

Robinson, mudbrick Holiday Cabins, Coolangatta, NSW

St Vincent De Paul mudbrick workshop, Bamarang, NSW.

Yallah TAFE Green Skills Mudbrick Training Centre.


Buildings with Training or Self Help component


In Australia 

St Vincent De Paul City Farm, Ten bedroom Hostel complex. Bamarang, NSW

St John The Evangelist High School Chapel. Nowra, NSW

St Vincent De Paul City Farm, Ten bed Hostel complex. Bamarang, NSW

St Vincent De Paul cob meditation hut, Bamarang, NSW.

St Vincent De Paul workshop, Bamarang, NSW.

Aeyonga aboriginal community, Central Australia with students from University of Technology Sydney, kangaroo shaped pizza oven and walk through museum constructed of poured earth.

Yoga Ashram, Rocklyn, Victoria. Cob shrine

Utopia Aboriginal Community, NT Superadobe Firecircle and Dome ongoing

Yoga Ashram, Rocklyn, Victoria. Cob director’s house



GSMBEC Earth Building Training Centre, Gingoog, Mindanao, The Philippines.

Barangay Tagpako Office, Gingoog City, Mindanao.

Prototype low cost cob house in Gingoog City, Mindanao.

Mudbrick loft style house, Talon, Gingoog City, Mindanao.

No cost cob, bamboo and thatch hut, Talon, Gingoog City, Mindanao.


Research Projects

University of Technology Sydney. Earthquake testing of bamboo reinforced cob prototype house.

University of Technology Sydney, Testing comparative strength of mudbrick and cob.

University of Technology Sydney,  Assistance and building test buildings a PhD candidate.



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